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Rares Corneliu Coltoan

Hello all.
My name is Rareş Coltoan 38 years old. Father of an 11-year-old boy. I was desperate, I was living abroad every year in Romania for 3 weeks (holidays) where I always add 5kg. I followed various diets for lousy people or with a strange program, I always waited for miracles. Miracles came, I weakened with a bit more than 20kg, but with great ease I put them back plus something extra. How did I feel? Terrible, I did not rise up to enchant my child, my intimate life was getting tighter, you know the mirror expression, so I got it until I got advice from some friends to go to Gastric Sleeve.
In February 2016 we sang 126kg at 176cm high. I can see what.
The tips went to a certain doctor, many said, go where it is more expensive because there is the best and many stars have done the intervention there. I say, I'm in touch with a clinic, I'm answering a secretary (I mention, all the connection was done by email), my lady says how we stand, gives me a list of prices, here all good, as soon as I start with the questions, how can I contact the doctor, what should I do, etc. Every question we asked him was answered by another secretary, so the doctor did not notice me at all.
What have I done? I've been looking for the famous google where you guess what, I've seen this doctor Turcu Florin, who are you? Is that okay? Is not that good? What to think about, I put my hand and I call at the clinic, I leave my number to which I get the phone back, what did it say? No, it was the doctor, I was already feeling different, I was feeling it (many would say that the doctor had a purpose, that I was a possible client, that I was a possible client, I call myself a patient who was treated properly) not how I have been treated beyond those many secrets.
Now, this gentleman has given me the direct number of the dance that allowed me to contact him even after the hours of work (how many would be disturbed after work ???) and I spoke I told. At 126kg I was ok for surgery. I followed the analyzes. My doctor is making the appointment and tells me that he will do me if the analyzes will be good. Having a limited time, I picked up my ticket. I'm talking to the doctor on Monday morning Tuesday morning airplane analysis.
Perfect so far, I just talked to my left and right with the "friends" who wanted my good, and so encouraged me well that I had not taken that plane. My doctor says I ignore the messages. And that was it.
Passing 2016 comes 2017 April I get more desperate, 136kg another 10 beautiful on my hump, what do I do? I'm embarrassed to appeal to this gentleman when my girlfriend tells me that she will contact the doctor where the doctor tells me again what I have to do but the dance worrying that I have put 10kg " prevent the direct operation from having to follow a treatment, "says Dr. Doctor.
Now we're taking tickets and even going. We arrived at the clinic and everything was waiting for me (many probably did not notice me after the precious event) appears doctor, I apologize for having tricked him last year he encourages me and we go further. Analyzes, I was accompanied by his secretary everywhere, but every half an hour I was also visiting my doctor. Nice gesture. Like we were some VIP.
Analyzes Ok not good. Just Okay. Lady psychologist a great lady, my first meeting with a psychologist but honestly I'll go, super relaxing. The next day all the results appear on Saturday. "I can rarely operate," said the doctor.
Perfect. Tuesday morning not to be eaten or drunk. I'm coming to Tuesday. I was fully encouraged by the doctor. The operation went well. The perfect old man. Released in 3 days. Drugs and gone I was. Now I come back to what I said above in a bracket. I was a client, the patient was, I was treated well I was, hence no longer interested in me, yes? WEAKNESS, telephones over phones, messages over messages. This Lord really wanted to know what I was eating and what I was drinking and drinking. Hats off.
After 3 months I had to do my analyzes. All good. So from Ok we got there with them. Increased uric acid but my doctor prescribes something and I will be concrete for 6 months. Results ??? Ha ha ha ha I was operated on May 17, 2017 (birthday) and now on October 17 I am 99kg. I say he's okay. Or not ?? The country where they live is hit by a hurricane, rains, etc. Then I get a message "You're good with the hurricane? Are you okay and safe?" Guess who the message, this time the message was from my friend Turcu Florin, he was no longer my doctor and I was no longer his patient.
So, Dr. Turcu Florin, I do not know how to thank you now, or I do not know how I'll ever crowd you. You are an extraordinary and very good and soulful man.
I'm glad you did not put me in the secretaries to correspond with me. I wish you all the good in the world as you have shown me that you want me.


For personal reasons, I want to keep my anonymity. But I assure you of all my sincerity! I knew my doctor apparently by accident, but I was convinced that it was one of the most important days in my life! I have always had problems with weight, because I have left "driven" by the passion of greed and I was absolutely sedentary. After the first consultation, I scheduled the surgery and I looked forward to seeing the doctor. Though I was not afraid, and I was convinced that I wanted to reduce my stomach, the Doctor made everything look simple; has earned my confidence in an instant! I was operated at the age of 20, when I had the "record" of 120 and some kg ... just 1.60 inches tall. After surgery, I lost a little over 56 kg! One very important thing is that I lost my heart by eating the king! After the first month of surgery, when I consumed only liquids and meals, I reintroduced into my diet everything I wanted in my heart! I lost my weight without being frustrated or in some way frustrated! After a few tablespoons, I'm getting enough. We had small, but very, very small tables. Meanwhile, the stomach has increased slightly and now "gets in" a few more spoons. This operation was the best choice for me! I am very lucky and I will always be grateful for meeting Dr. Turcu Florin. This man has always received me open arms and never judged me for my "past" kg! I owe her that my life has changed into a miracle and I assure him of all my respect and love! I love you and thank you, doctor!


For me, this operation was the best thing that happened to me in 2015! I am full of energy, I do not have depressive episodes, I have much more confidence in myself (sometimes too much) give me much less money on food and much more on clothes are simply FERICITA and it was the first New Year's Eve in the last 8 years where the main resolution for next year was "I want to lose 35 kg" but it was "I will lose another 13 kg".


First of all, I would like to assure you that the patients' testimonies written on this site are very loyal to reality and I do not know if it makes any sense to insist on trying to convince you how professional the entire team was with Florin and ending with all the nurses who have gone through the salon, or how charismatic, charming, comprehensive, human, agreeable, nursing and benevolent is Florin. I'll tell you why everyone's smiling every time I see Florin, a question that crumbled at my first consultation ...
Ante operation: GREAT - music: any sad song hopeless - In this phase you are angry for life, all your injustices happen only to you, fool yourself to everyone and everything seems tough and tiring. You are not a pleasant image for those around you. Florin talks to you about surgery, as if there is hope, but you know better ... it can not be so beautiful ... life is never pink.
10 days PO: FERICITA - music: Happy "Pharrell Wiliams - you lose a bit just, you keep being fat but you do not care. You're happy, singing under the shower and a non-stop smile on your lips even at times when you should not. Patients still in the previous stage do not understand how much happiness and smile you are just fat. When you see Florin, your face shines and the "pull out" procedure it makes you look very agreeable.
One month PO: ZEN - music: "I'm blue "Eiffel 65 - at this stage you've lost enough to rediscover your sexy legs to have the courage to wear skirts and guess what ... Men start turning their heads behind you. Probably at this stage they think only of something like "wow that has weakened ... hmm has the potential to weaken", instead you feel like a supermodel, you have a great deal of trust in you what you notice in everything you do work or home). If you were originally introverted now, you can not shut your mouth and you want to be always in the spotlight. Obviously you are full of yourself when you go to control at Florin and you feel the need to tell him everything that happened in the last month ... the poor listen to your patient and encourage you for the next. You are leaving quite disappointed that you have to do just blood tests, you would like to praise other doctors for how well you are going now compared to the pre-operative period.
3 months PO: THE BLOOD - Music: "Simply the best" Tina Turner - You're the best in the parking lot !!! No problem no longer touches you. You are triumphant to Florin's office, you are happy that it is the long corridor (so there will be more to admire) and hope to meet with any Phase 1 patient to remember under a melancholic air of long gone. Your husband asks questions if other drugs, which are bouncing you, but not the other, but the state of bliss that he would like to have for some time ... that he would complain. Otherwise ... SHOPING ... in any shop, now you are the one you choose and you no longer have to limit yourself to XXL stores full of one type of clothes, the "bag".
6 months: JUST ME - Weight Problems ???? What are we talking about? I look perfect and I feel like I've always been ...


My story begins, like many other women, with countless slimming cures and countless methods of weight loss. After two kids we sang 100 kg and wearing the XXL size. I'm sure many people understand the frustrations I felt when I went to the store and there was nothing nice to wear or when it was supposed to go to the pool, forced by circumstances. One year ago I decided to make a gastric sleeve. It was the best decision in my life. We went from 100 kg, and now, after a year we reached 66 kg. I do regular sports, massage and body care treatments, so the skin looks ok. I can not explain in words the joy and the pride that I felt when I bought my size M. Thank you very much Dr. Florin Turcu for changing my life and giving me confidence. The postoperative period was not at all difficult, I passed very easily over. Now, after a year, I eat absolutely everything just in small quantities. I have no pain, no discomfort. Thank you very much Mr. Turcu Florin. You are a great man. God give you health and strength to work you can make as many people Bless !!!!

Anca G.

My name is Anca G, I am from Braila, 40 years old and just three weeks after Gastric Sleeve. The master initiation of my transformation is called Florin Turcu, chief surgeon at the Medicover Hospitals, which I am constantly thanking every day as he leaned down with understanding, patience and understanding on my weight problems.
No doubt he is a consummate professional, backed by an excellent team, but now I want to talk not only about Dr. TURCU, but also about the man TURCU. And the man TURCU impressed me from the first meeting. It made our discussions to be worn in a casual note, nook, as if we were old friends. I gained confidence from the first moment and I did not never cheated since. Each phone of mine, every letter, every email received their prompt response and on my meaning. All my fear was gently wiped out, rare trait among doctors in Romania, unfortunately. I do not want to "brush" and not like a "brush". My words are too poor for what I want to express, reflects pure truth.
I have not ever met a man so honest, open and dedicated professional and patient! (And I went through a few "stories with doctors' so far !!!) has not happened to me not to feel some restraint when I fot the need to contact a doctor by telephone. Since I did not know it yet how it feels how to be forgotten in the salon by the doctor who has operated you (he visited me every two / three times a day !!!) and not be seen, often with indifference or malice by medical staff, which I would like to say thanks by this way.
DOCTOR TURCU is the man that people who suffer from weight become an insurmountable obstacle through diet and sports, need. In particular, people like me, a little fearful, a little distrustful, a bit shy, found in a true gentleman reliable pillar of support, moral and spiritual strength.
And Medicover hospital, about those conditions I have only offered words of praise, the Lord Turcu is an invaluable gain, as it was for me, a huge win !!!


My story began on June 6, 2014, when by chance I met Mr. doctor. I was determined to make the stomach reduction surgery. I elected Mr. Florin Turcu doctor, without thinking too much. Simply inspired my confidence! It is a wonderful man and I'm sure I will not come today to thank God that I met him. On June 16, 2014 I went to the hospital Medicover, when I had my first appointment. The doctor was very helpful and explained everything step by step ahead. I believe that we became friends that day. We set operation on July 30, 2014, at Medicover hospital. I will never forget that day! The day I revived the day that my life's dream come true. Before the operation I was 123 kg .. Today, even a month after the operation, I weigh 10 kg less. I am 20 years old, 1.60 cm height .. And I will not stop until I reach 58 kg !! Starring alongside Mr. Doctor, I am confident that I will succeed. I urge all people who have weight problems to take this step. Their life will change in the best possible way. Finally, I want to thank the entire medical team, which was at thier heighst.


I want to say that from the first minute that we had discussed with Doctor Turcu about the surgery, to decrease my stomach, I felt very safe and at that moment I realized that I'll be fine and especially safe. I have two months after the surgery and I lost 30kg and safe to do so and because the indications given by mr. Turcu. My life has changed for the better totaly. Thank you for your support Dr. Turcu, during surgery and during recovery. Sincerely yours , Luca Ovidiu from Ploiesti.


Hello! My name is Mihaela and I have 55 years old ...
I really wanted to get rid of excess pounds problem, I wanted to have something to stop me from eating and I can say that I had succeeded.
I was lucky to find out that there a man who is also a surgeon named Florin Turcu, specialized in bariatric surgery.
Now, at 2.5 months after surgery I can say that I was lucky that I met Mr. Turcu.
"A gold hand!" I had no problems after surgery, I didn’t have postoperative pain , I wasn’t sick, and now I feel great with visible results.
Mr. Dr. Turcu is a man and a doctor , very rarely find, who is closed to the patient,he is interested in the patient's condition and opened, communicative and gives you confidence in yourself.
If you have problems with excess pounds go ahead, do not resort to diets that will only make you gain even worse, call the dr. Turcu and his gentleman’s team.
Many thanks to Mr. dr. Turcu and his gentleman’s team!


After several diets without long-term results, we had the chance to meet and have a discussion with Dr. Florin Turcu. He talked about Gastric Sleeve – what is it, what benefits and risks assumed and how can I return an unwanted situation in a favorable one . It didn’t take me a long time to decide. All I was very clear and I understood almost immediately that this is my chance. On August 13, 2013 I did Gastric Sleeve. There are only 2 months after the surgery, I feel great, I eat anything but in very small quantities and lost around 19 kilograms. This surgery was my only chance to go on healthy and regain confidence in myself.
Dr. Turcu is a wonderful man and a very good professional. Any questions you have about the surgery he will answer for you.
Certainly, Dr. Florin Turcu changed my life and I thank him very much!


My meeting with Dr. Turcu, I think I can place it without doubt in the category of karmic meeting. I met him in 2009, when after a thorough checkup I decided that in my case was the time for gastric band surgery - gastric ring - is the best. Again at the time. The operation was expected efficiency and we managed to get down around 18 kg.
Time passed and agreement we have reconsidered all my medical history and Dr. Turcu decided to perform the gastric sleeve surgery is the right approach and which it is more beneficial for me.
What was happened. On November 21, 2012 I was operated at Medicover. When I admitted I was 88.6 Kg. Now almost a year after I have 57.7 Kg. Perhaps the number of lost kg is not as important as the well state that I am in, the most sincere 'd induced involuntary by Dr.Turcu. I have always argued that the final result of medical intervention it has doctor ‘d attitude involved in the process.
Today, thanks to Dr. Turcu I run two laps of the National Arena, wear clothes size 38 instead of 48. I must admit without exaggeration that not a day goes by in which I do not think with gratitude what he did for me.
So if you go ahead if you do this surgery or any kind of intervention that can escape from the nightmare called fat, look for Dr. Turcu. Really you will not regret the step that you taken.
Thanks Doc.


At 28, after several failed attempts to keep a diet, I decided to resort to bariatric surgery. After extensive research, I chose to leave myself in the hands of Dr. Florin Turcu. I went to the control with an open mind, determined to trust his opinions and recommendations. He recommended gastric sleeve and left the doctor's office with a schedule for the month that followed. The surgery went very well, I was hospitalized five days in the hospital, where I was treated excellent and the medical team was great (Dr. Florin Turcu, Dr. Gerald Philip and anesthesiologist Dr. Valeria Vlasceanu). When I did not believe that nice people exist anymore , I was lucky to meet them all at once. :)
For me, the relationship between doctor and patient is extremely important, and dr Turcu is a great doctor, but above all, a great man. I get all necessary assistance both before and especially after surgery he was always interested in my state, even after discharge. I was a little fearful patient, so I'm scared of everything and I would call the doctor immediately to ask if what happened it's normal, what to do. And every time dr patiently answered and guided me so I have no problems. Now, after 4 months after surgery, I have no problem, I don’t have side effects, I lost 22 kg and I feel great. Best decision ever made! These interventions change lives. :)


I got to know doctor Florin Turcu, an extraordinary man, an elegant natural mind, charismatic, discreet and an exceptional professional. I thank the doctor for the highest nobility of soul and professionalism that he has proven during this period in which he was close, showing a permanent care and concern for the patient. I can say from personal experience By comparison, that his patients really get a chance at a second life. God give him health, strength and wisdom to change for the better as many destinies and save as many lives.


Hello! My name is Anca and at 43, after many diets and pills "miracle" swallowed, I decided it's time for me to stop the fattening . With a lot of determination I presented to Mr. dr. Turcu and, following discussions and medical tests, Mr. dr. has established appropriate type of operation, gastric sleeve. Informed and mentally prepared, I was left in the hands of Mr. dr. Turcu and it worked out well and easy. I had no problems during or after surgery. I thank Mr dr. both for surgery, especially for postoperative support (medication, advice, tips) whenever I needed and found the gentleman a man with a big heart (thanks team and gentleman). Today, nearly a year after the surgery, my goal has been reached, I lost 21 kg and I have health and silhouette, and patient-doctor relationship continues.


Hi, my name is Florina Brat and I am 35 years old. Let me tell you my story. I was not happy at all about my look, I would always complain about the dieters not did I couldn’t but it was very difficult when you're mother and wife and you have to cook and is very hard to abstain. I held almost every year diet slimming about 15kg but the next year I put them back. One day I learned about doctor Mr. Florin Turcu and that he can make miracles. I went to see him, the doctor gave me to do all the tests, they came out good but I did less iron, but i had a month of treatment and after I had the operation. The surgery went very well on Wednesday I had it and on Saturday I went home. When I had the surgery I was 80kg and now after almost 2 months I am 68kg and I feel great I feel watched, I feel happy with how I look , I want to get to 60kg and when I will be there I will post a picture. Thank lord doctor.

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