Gastric Sleeve

The most attractive bariatric procedure nowadays.

Longitudinal gastrectomy known as Gastric Sleeve Shrinking Stomach or (engl.) Involves removing the lateral portion of the stomach along the lesser curvature of the gastric antrum to the angle Hiss.Efectuarea this operation by minimally approach (laparoscopic) is made possible by the enormous progress which he recorded in the current medical technology and mechanical sutures electrosurgery!

The efficiency of longitudinal gastrectomy in the treatment of morbid obesity is influenced by several mechanisms of limiting food intake:

a. Reduction of gastric reservoir capacity. Small meals every process is weakened desire! The longitudinal gastrectomy surgery (gastric sleeve) removing (remove) a large portion of the stomach (about 80%), leaving in the digestive circuit a very small gastric tube (about 100ml). Then, the patient will be forced to consume food in very small cuantaties!

b. The decrease hunger. In the bottom portion of the stomach specialized receptors are found in the release of hormones responsible for increasing appetite! Whenever the stomach is empty, the gastric wall will produce substances (Ghrelin - releasing factor growth hormone) which circulates through the bloodstream and cause acting in the brain (hypothalamus), hunger! The gastric sleeve surgery removes this segment of the stomach (gastric bottom) and, consequently, significantly decreases plasma levels of ghrelin. Thus, patients enjoy a greatly diminished hunger which will determine both decrease the number of meals, and snacks during 24 hours.

c. Install early satiety. After gastric sleeve surgery, rapid filling newly created stomacelul (gastric tube 100ml) cause early installation of satiety. The patient can not eat - for he has no where! Foods (small quantity) will relax the stomach and small patient will declare the village! On the other hand, the absence of a genuine gastric reservoir will cause the stomach to empty very quickly and the food will arrive early in the small intestine. At this level, in the presence of food will be secreatate substances responsible for the feeling of satiety (enterohormoni). Location is everything hypothalamic action of enterohormonilor where they cause the installation of a genuine sensation of fullness!

In other words, gastric sleeve patients eat less, do not complain of hunger and saturate faster. In addition, smaller stomach does not require the use of additional materials (textile tape, silicone ring, size adjustment system gastric band) that can generate over time or morbid conditions associated reactions.

The average length of laparoscopic surgery decrease stomach is about 70 minutes, and postoperative hospital stay is 3-4 days. Dieta strictly based on liquid and semisolid to spare operated stomach and gastric antisecretory treatment required for 5- 6 weeks.

Gastric Sleeve Performances:

In patients with Gastric Sleeve reported results were superior to other methods restrictive about excess weight reduction - effective intervention is 70-75% of overweight. Comorbidities reduction is performed in a statistical percentage up to 85%!

This type of surgery is recommended physiological virtually all patients with morbid obesity, with special mention for patients in extreme age (adolescents or over 65 years), patients who want to become pregnant or patients who are morbidly superobezitate (BMI over 50 kg / m) as first surgical! Not recommended for patients with obesity associated with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease severe!!

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The decision to have surgery for obesity will not be easy!

Morbid obesity is not just a matter of aesthetic body but a major health, a severe disease that entails other medical complications, temporary or permanent disabilities, decreased life span etc. Read about possible interventions:

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