Gastric Banding

"It is the simplest restrictive method to place around the upper part of the stomach of a silicone ring diameter adjustable via a reservoir placed under the skin that is in contact.

Patients will be determined to eat very little at one meal! Solid foods properly chewed will accumulate in the upper part of the stomach (above the silicon ring) and gastric walls will relax at this level! Thus the patient will experience a tingling sensation of fullness that will determine early to conclude after 3-4 sips table! Hunger will reinstall itself after food will be partially digested and will continue their physiological route, food tube unchanged (3-4ore)! In this way the patient can eat 4-5 meals a day, reduced quantitatively essential for the weight loss goal.

The average length of laparoscopic surgery mounting adjustable silicone gastric ring is less than 60 minutes, and prolonged anesthesia during surgery about 20-30 minutes. This reduced the duration of the surgery is part of the benefits just those patients with major risks (obese patients!).

Postoperative hospitalization is usually 24 hours, discharge is possible when, after reinstalling the digestive tolerance, the patient can moisturize. Postoperative treatment will be limited to taking antisecretory for 30 days.

We also recommend that patients should respect for 6 weeks a liquid diet and soft, to spare the digestive segments surgically manipulated. The first adjustment (calibration) of the ring will be 2 months after surgery, as radiological screen, 2-3 ml of saline.

Subsequent correction inner diameter silicone gastric band weight loss rate is dictated by the obese patient. Emphasized that maintaining a low-calorie diet with sweets and fats ban for life, it is mandatory to obtain a sustainable weight loss through adjustable gastric band.

In terms of results, the gastric banding helps to reduce overweight obese patients registered with an average 50-65% (statistically speaking) .Diferenta to target individual site will be the exclusive responsibility of the patient which will increase energy consumption through increased physical activity.
Also, studies have shown to reduce comorbidities (obesity related diseases) by 60-72%!

The surgery’s advantages of mounting gastric band

Mounting laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric band seduces with a very low operative morbidity, because it is reversible and associates a very short hospitalization usually 24 hours. From this perspective, we might consider gastric ring ideal solution - simple, fast and without major risks - just in obese patients who associated comorbidities important, anesthetic-surgical risk is very high.

But the general assumption is not valid. For example, in patients with super morbid obesity (BMI> 50kg / m2) or more, laparoscopic gastric banding surgery must be carefully weighed. Peculiarities of these patients: anterior-posterior diameter of the trunk much enlarged left hepatic lobe bulky terminal esophagus hypertrophy, fat abundance periviscerale etc. creates difficulties in achieving notable passage retroesofagian.

Mounting laparoscopic gastric band is not, in these cases, neither simple nor quick. Moreover to be considered low compliance of these patients to dietary retrictiv required.

From our experience, for this category of patients (especially men) is often easier to perform a longitudinal gastrectomy - making a dissection "sight" of the greater curvature of the stomach - benefiting, in addition, a process with high efficiency on the decrease overweight.

So from our point of view the ideal candidate for a gastric band is usually a patient rather than weakened, with a relatively healthy lifestyle (eating behavior with regular meals, no sweets or drinks high calorie and physical activity important) but also intense psychological reasons!

Florin Turcu MD

MD General Surgery

Bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery and noninvasive or minimum invasive surgery

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