Florin Turcu MD

General Surgery Specialist

Personal information

Name / Surname: Turcu Florin Marian

Date and place of birth: 28.07.1970, Slatina

Education and training

Year 2012
Qualification / diploma awarded: MD General Surgery

Year 2005
Occupational skills: competence laparoscopic surgery

Year 2004
Qualification / diploma: General Surgery specialist

Years 1999-2004
Qualification / diploma: General Surgery Resident
Name of the institution: St. John Hospital, Bucharest

Year 1998
Name of the institution: Trainee Caritas Hospital, Bucharest

Years 1991-1997
Name of the institution: Faculty of Medicine Carol Davila, Bucharest - U.M.F. Carol Davila-Bucuresti

Postgraduate training (courses and specializations)

28-30 November 1999, Bucharest
Basic techniques in laparoscopic surgery - general surgery clinic Hospital of Saint John - Professor Dr. C. Dragomirescu

21-22 April, 2000, Bucharest
Refresher course with international participation: upper digestive tract cancer, esophagus, stomach; News in liver surgery - I.G.S.C. (International Gastro-Surgical Club) - Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu

24-26 May 2000, Constanta
Postgraduate Course on "minimally invasive treatment of gallstones" - National Congress of Surgery - Prof. Dr. V. Sarbu

15-17 November 2000, Bucharest
Course "Advanced Techniques for laparoscopic surgery" General Hospital surgery clinic Saint John - Professor Dr. C. Dragomirescu

27-28 April 2001, Bucharest
Refresher course with international participation: Current endoscopic surgery - IAGSA (International Association of Gastroenterologyst and Surgeon) - Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu.

4-6 April 2002, Bucharest
Course on the participation internetionale: News in digestive oncology - IASG (International Association of gastroenterologist and Surgeons) Prof.Dr.Irinel Popescu.

9-11 April 2003, Bucharest
Postgraduate Course of IASG: News in ficatului- diseases Prof.Dr.Irinel Popescu.

5-8 May 2004, Tg. Mures - Sovata
Course "Pancreatic Surgery" - National Congress of Surgery

1-4 June 2005, Venice, Italy
Laparoscopic bariatric surgery EAES postgraduated course-13th Congress (European Association for Endoscopic Surgery) -Course director Prof. N.Basso (Italy)

4-7 July 2007, Athens, Greece
Advanced Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery II postgraduated course EAES -15th Congress (European Association for Endoscopic Surgery) -Course director Prof. J.M.Chevallier (France)

18-21 April 2007, Bucharest
Postgraduate Course of IASGO: hepato-biliary-inchirurgia News and pancreatic hepatic transplant Prof.Dr.Irinel - Popescu.

9-12 April 2008, Bucharest
The first course ISSO (International School of Surgical Oncology): hepato-biliary malignant pancreatic-Prof. Dr. NJLygidakis

April 12, 2008, Bucharest
Postgraduate Course of IASGO: Radical Surgery gastric- cancer Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu

1-4 April 2009, Bucharest
Second course of ISSO (International School of Surgical Oncology): Surgical Anatomy of the caudate lobe - Prof. Dr. Ionel Campeanu

26-29 August 2009, IFSO, Paris
Advanced bariatric surgery

9-12 December 2012, Paris
Bariatric Sugery Master Class Course ,Coviend FranceSas

28-31 August 2013, Istanbul
18th World Congress of IFSO

26-29 August 2015, Wien
20th World Congress ofIFSO

9-10 November 2015, Tel Aviv
Advanced & Revisional Bariatric Surgery Clinical Immersion Training

14-17 June 2017, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
25th EAES International Congress

29 aug-2 September 2017, Londra, UK
22nd World Congress of IFSO; One Anastomosis/Mini Gastric Bypass Course and Consensus Meeting

6-7 December, Exeter, UK
Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


Membership in professional societies and publications

  • Romanian College of Physicians
  • Romanian Society of Surgery
  • Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery (ARCE)
  • European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES)
  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders(IFSO)

Medical areas of interest

  • bariatric surgery
  • laparoscopic surgery and non-invasive surgery