Intragastric balloon

It is an non surgical endoscopic procedure, imagined by a Swedish student, which involves placing the stomach of a silicone balloon filled with 700 ml of methylene blue, large enough so as to not be pushed into the duodenum, but no regurgitated through the esophagus!

It will remain in the stomach for a limited period up to 6 months, replacing much of stomach contents, and in theory you eat less, achieving that goal recommended by nutritionists "eating little and often"!

Duration of action is limited in time for the gastric juice (or swallowing a bone!) Can crack bubble wall, and the loss of fluid and so its size can be trained in the small intestine where it can block, causing intestinal obstruction ie emergency operation !

To prevent such a situation is filled with methylene blue which if reaches the stomach, is reabsorbed into general circulation where it is filtered renal and patient makes "pee" blue!

This way, the patient has enough time to reach the endoscopy lab where the rest of the baloon will be removed!
No bubble, like after cessation of diets, the patient is exposed yo-yo effect, we say that it is even more significant because the stomach during the months in which he struggled with the ball, has become more voluminous has a wall more developed muscles and produce hormone ghrelin lot more!

On the other hand high calorie liquids (juice, alcohol, ice cream, chocolate etc) will move freely along the balloon, so that, overall efficiency is comparable to drugs (10%)

Therefore, in our view, is a treatment solution used in extreme cases: patients with extreme obesity or morbid supersuperobezitate can not be subjected to another bariatric surgical procedures due to high risk surgical or anesthetic patients in WHO class overweight (BMI 25-29 kg / m), and having healthy lifestyle!

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